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What Should You Check Before Buying A Residential Visitor Checking System?

The outbreak of COVID-19 has compelled many condos and cooperatives to consider their visitor checking procedure. As getting in personal contact with another person is the only way this disease spread, the cooperatives are trying to find ways to reduce that.

This is where the electronic checking system of iLobby visitor sign in software comes in handy. Companies in the commercial sector have been using this system for a long time, however, this is the first time that the building managers and the association leaders are understanding the benefits of such a smart visitor management system. Before you choose a visitor management system for your building too, you should check the following section of this article.

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Delivery/ Package Management Features

Accepting packages on behalf of the residents has become one of the major duties of the door attendants of the buildings. Even though you could not get all the benefits of having a human attendant in a software system, it can become a convenient helper for the attendants. Whenever a package arrives, the smart system can notify the residents and reduce the chances of missing packages. The system also keeps time-stamped records for the arrived packages. This can come in handy for the attendants from a record-keeping point of view.

Best Practices for Maintaining Infectious Disease Protocol

ilobby visitor sign in softwareMost of the condos want their visitors to be screened for the symptoms of COVID-19 before letting them into the building. The smart iLobby visitor sign in software can help the building managers in that too.

It can ask the visitors about the symptoms and check whether the visitor has gone to any of the coronavirus hotspots in recent times. The system can also help you in temperature checks of the visitors and keep a record of that as well, in case you need to get in touch with any of the visitors for some health concerns on a later date.

Some smart visitor management system enables the visitors to fill all the required information without even touching the tablet at all. In such cases, the form is sent to the visitor beforehand. Once the system analyzed the answers and deemed the visitor safe, it could send them a QR code which would act as an entry ticket to the building. Upon arrival, the visitor can simply scan the QR code with the help of the checking tablet without even touching it.

Recording Keeping

Having a record of the number of persons inside the building at any given moment is extremely important from the safety point of view. Along with maintaining this, the iLobby visitor sign-in software system can keep tabs on the comings and goings of the maintenance crew or the people from the cleaning services throughout the day.

This would in the long run help the building managers to understand who is coming to the building and why. This can be helpful to tighten the security when and if required.

Having a smart visitor management system would not only help you to keep tabs on the visitors but also make sure that the privacy of each of the visitors remains intact. The best thing about iLobby visitor sign-in software system is that you can customize it according to the requirement of your building. Get in touch with the company to get a demo to know what you should expect from the system.