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Better Performance With the iPhone 12

With the iPhone you are always in control, wherever you go. Never miss a call again. Make the best calls with 3G Speed. Get top notch performance out of your iPhone. The new Apple iPhone 12 will make your life easier, whether you are on the go or at home relaxing. It is bigger, it is faster, it is more powerful, it has everything you need to keep you going.

Incredible features

With the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12, you get the same great high performance without the large, bulky, complicated devices. Plus, with a smaller screen you have more accessible options for apps and functions. This gives you more flexibility and the freedom to do more with your phone.

With the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12, you also get a big, bright, high-contrast display that looks fantastic when you view content from your email or your text messages. The dual-screen functionality helps you to use both your phone and the computer to view the information you need quickly and easily. Plus, the larger edge-to-edge display with six colors makes it easy to browse through your email and text messages. And, with high-speed USB connectivity you can transfer data quickly and easily.

iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 also has amazing multi-tasking power with the larger, 5.4-inch iPhone display. Plus, you get faster battery life so you can stay on the go. You can even enjoy a massive library of apps and media on the smaller, narrower screen, including great media sharing options like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu. Plus, both devices are protected by a full-body case for safety and security.

Better photos and multimedia

An all-new design for the iPhone 12 makes it an exceptional device for enjoying your photos, videos and music in new ways. The dual camera feature of the iPhone 12 makes it easier to take more pictures with one hand. Plus, the new glass and metal body allow for a natural feel that is fluid and comfortable to hold. Plus, with a faster, denser and stronger charge, you can enjoy a charged state that lasts all day and all night. When you need to have an iPhone at your side whether you’re driving or just walking the dog, the all-new design makes it easier than ever to get the job done.

If you need to have everything you need ready to go, then the iPhone 12 models offer all the amenities you need including high-speed wireless broadband with U.S. and CDMA/GSM networks, as well as safe storage space for media. In addition, iPhone 12 mini models offer a built-in speaker with no external speakers needed. The speaker lets you enjoy music, watch your movies, listen to the news, speak to others or do more of what you’d love to do with its multi-rooms of flexible sound. Plus, you can get the kind of performance you expect from top-of-the-line smartphones at a price you can afford. No matter what you use your phone for, you’ll appreciate all the features the iPhone 12 models have to offer.

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